Cancellation Policy

Trippongo believes in "The Customer First" policy. We are here with the sole motive of providing convenience to our customers in every step of their journey. It's always our endeavor to provide a hassle free and smooth transaction experience to the customer's but however also have a cancellation policy which is again structured with our customer's convenience in mind.

1) The cancellation request if any should be raised by the customer within Seven days of the confirmation of the package.

2) Trippongo shall not entertain any cancellation request which are made before or after the time frame stipulated in Clause No.1 and any packages booked within Seven days of the travel period cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

3) A valid cancellation request has to be communicated to Trippongo and after ascertaining its correctness Trippongo shall request the destination experts and only after their cancellation request confirmation, Trippongo shall cancel the booking and inform the customer accordingly.

4) In the event of the land package being cancelled, the refund would be processed within Ten days from the date of acceptance of cancellation request and refunds in all other cancellation requests shall be processed within ___ number of working days with grace period of another two working days.

5) In case of any natural calamities or force measure events, the cancellation policy shall be refundable depending upon the situation and no enforcement for refund will be considered.

6) In the event of the client/customer not being available on the booking date due to his personal reasons, there will be no refund of any nature and in fact, the customer will have to also bear in any sudden increase in the package charges.

7) Any changes in the final itinerary after the confirmation of booking will attract charges and price differences as may be applicable and the customer will be liable to pay the same immediately.

8) The refund of amount in the event of cancellation will vary from package to package and the same shall be communicated to the customer by our office and the same communication shall be applicable dehorse the ten working days period for normal refunds.

9) Trippongo shall work and do it best to arrange for the refunds being processed within ten working days, excluding the date of cancellation request. However, Trippongo shall not be liable for any default caused in the processing of the refund owing to banking delays, or other force measure events or reasons which are beyond the control of Trippongo.

10) Any increase in the Prices, Taxes or Levies on the packages, tickets of the customer shall be borne by the customer.

11) In any event and under any circumstances, Trippongos liability is limited to the extent of the price of the package booked by the customer and not beyond it.

12) The customer understands that the guidelines provided by the destination experts will be prevailing upon the cancellation policy depending on the facts and circumstances and in case of any discrepancy, the decision of Trippongo will be final and binding. All disputes pertaining to the transaction shall be subject to the Hon'ble Courts at Secunderabad.